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Irish born Mark Reid is a former Senior Instructor for the David Leadbetter Golf Academy. Mark began his career in Austria in 1989 and quickly developed a passion for teaching. On completion of his PGA training in 1995 Mark decided to take his career to the next level, training with internationally renowned instructor David Leadbetter, teacher to many leading Tour Players. Over the next 8 years, Mark traveled extensively with the David Leadbetter Golf Academy teaching in Austria, Spain, England, USA and has conducted clinics in India, Bolivia, Portugal, Canada and Brazil. During his time at the Academy Mark spent three years as Academy Director at famed Mount Juliet, Ireland, host of the 2002 American Express Championship.


Mark has aided many tour professionals, mini-tour professionals and top amateurs over the years.

In 1999 Mark relocated full time to the USA and was based at the Leadbetter Academy in Bradenton Florida as a Senior Instructor. Mark taught the Junior Full-time Program and Summer Camps for two seasons before being promoted to directing and teaching the Tour Prep Program. Here Mark developed juniors for the rigors of Tour and aided students to achieve their goals and receive Scholarships to College.

Mark is an avid writer and has contributed articles to, magazines in Spain, Portugal, Argentina and India. He also created an online instructional program for and

The Mark Reid Golf School has many programs available for all levels of golfers. To schedule a golf lesson please click the following link

v1_pro_2009_41In 2007 Mark was approached by the David Leadbetter Golf Academy to become Director of Junior Programs at DLGA’s newest location, Irvine California. Mark jumped at the chance of being part of something new and being located in the wonderful climate of South California.

In April 2009 Mark moved to Oak Creek Golf Club to teach his instructional programs on a more one-on-one basis and continue to serve his students to the best of his capabilities. Since January 2015 Mark is located at Strawberry Farms Golf Club.

Mark’s philosophy is to develop a student to their full potential based on their physical abilities and learning mode. Imparting his knowledge from years of learning, students will receive solid fundamentals, the basis of all good golf games. No part of the game is ignored because a good golf game is one with qualities in all areas from solid mechanics to mental and physical fitness. Mark has always been described as a very patient teacher with good communication skills and it’s his trademark today.

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Dr. Vince DiSaia, DC, CSCS

Dr. Vince DiSaia has been involved in the health and fitness world for over ten years. He first began this journey after completing his undergraduate degree with honors recognition. Dr. DiSaia then became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and shortly thereafter attended Southern California University of Health Sciences (SCUHS). Four years later he received his doctorate of chiropractic from SCUHS with Magna Cum Laude honors. Since then, Dr. DiSaia has continuously sought out new ways to help his patients and clients perform their best.

His chiropractic degree is greatly enhanced as an expert in Active Release Techniques (ART), the gold standard for soft tissue therapy. Dr. DiSaia is also highly trained in Functional Movement Patterns and Kinesio Taping procedures. This combination along with his fitness background allows him to assess, treat, and rehabilitate the entire patient for optimal results.

Dr. DiSaia specializes in the treatment of athletes and is a leader in his field. His expertise in sport-related performance and recovery has led athletes of many different backgrounds to seek his council. Dr. DiSaia’s training in movement analysis and functional patterns allow him to provide each patient not only with a specific, detailed diagnosis, but also an explanation of the primary cause. This facilitates the quickest path to recovery and ability for many athletes to continue training and competing during treatment programs. Years of clinical experience with countless athletes has led Dr. DiSaia to create Momentum’s Optimal Performance Pathway. This pathway explains how all patients and clients at Momentum are assessed and progressed to achieve excellence in athletic performance.

Dr. DiSaia enjoys sharing his knowledge with his colleagues and has previously lectured for doctors, therapists, and strength coaches in topics including low back pain, running injuries, golf swing biomechanics, and golf fitness. He has also authored a highly successful book named Golf Anatomy. It has sold over 30,000 copies worldwide, is available in over 13 languages, and has been featured in Golf Digest.

Currently the clinic director and chiropractor at Momentum Sports Therapy Dr. DiSaia’s goal is to provide all clients with the best health and fitness services in Orange County to ensure that everyone achieves their goals quickly and effectively.




MIKE HANSEN, B.A. in Exercise Science from Purdue University

Mike Headshot BWMike Hansen is recognized as one of the original golf fitness coaches. Hansen Fitness for Golf specializes in training golfers of all abilities, from beginners to seasoned professional tour players.

Mike has a passion of helping golfers play and feel their best and improving their game by improving their body. He is a fitness coach to athletes on the PGA Tour, LPGA and many top Junior Golf Tours.

He has also launched successful programs at several Country Clubs in the Orange County area. Mike holds a B.A. in Exercise Science from Purdue University and is a Certified Fitness Trainer through the ISSA (International Sports Science Association). He is also certified through the Titleist Performance Institute at the highest level in the following areas: Fitness, Golf Biomechanics, and Junior. Hansen Fitness for Golf offers golf specific fitness training to all levels of golfers in a fun inviting atmosphere in a one-on- one or small group training setting.





rick-195x300Rick Sessinghaus is known as “Golf’s Mental Coach”. Rick is the expert on the mindset principles that make or break performance on and off the course. His coaching has helped top junior, collegiate, and professional golfers reach new levels of performance. He is an Instructional Editor for Golf Tips magazine and can be seen on Fox Sports Network as a mental game contributor. Rick’s book Golf: The Ultimate Mind Game has been featured in national golf magazines and used by leading golf instructors across the country as the “best resource to improve your mental game.”

Rick is a sought after speaker and trainer to those companies looking to improve the key skills of motivation, focus, confidence, and execution. Rick’s Take AIM system for mastering the mental game skills has been used in his unique business trainings where Rick uses golf as the metaphor for improving business performance.

As a former professional golfer, Rick has now found more satisfaction helping others achieve their dreams than he did in his own competitive career. Long intrigued by the fact that physical skills were rarely the determining factor in athletic success Rick studied the mental and emotional skills that make or break a performance adding to his Bachelors Degree in Speech Communications, Rick received his Masters and Doctorate Degree in Applied Sports Psychology.

· Member of the PGA (Professional Golfers Association of America)

· Certified Mental Game Professional

· Member of AASP (Association of Applied Sports Psychology)

· Trained to administer/evaluate the TAIS (The Attentional and Interpersonal Style inventory), which has been used with Olympic athletes, CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies, high ranking military personnel, and many others looking to improve their performance.