Sean McTernan on his way to a Course Record 61 (-12) at the 2005 Irish Close Championship in Westport. Sean was beaten in the Semi-final on the 18th by eventual winner Rory McIlroy.

I am a professional golfer and I have worked with Mark for a few years. Mark has a lot of experience working and interacting with good players and he knows how to bring them to the next level.

He has extensive knowledge of bio-mechanics, how the body works and Mark can build a swing that will work for you. These are essential attributes for the modern day swing coach. Mark is ahead of his time. He can assess a players flexibility, strength and range of motion and then build a move around your body type, this will help maximize your potential. He communicates the information to you in a clear and concise way and with the aid of the V1 swing analysis software you will be able to see your swing matched with the best players in the world on his computer. This will help create great visuals for you and make it easier to understand an interpret the information you are receiving. You will be able to see where your strengths and weaknesses lie and you can better understand the path that Mark wants to take your swing along.

Mark made some major changes to my swing but he was able to still keep me competitive due to the timely and sensitive way he delivered the information to me. Marks major quality is that he can coach from both a technical and playing point of view and these are the qualities that professional golfers out on tour look for in a coach.

I have no doubt that Mark will help bring you to the next level no matter what standard of golfer you are. Sean McTernan


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Hi Mark, I just wanted to say thanks for all your help with my golf game. Since the instruction you gave me and the new clubs you helped me get, my game is at a whole new level. I used to play a 110 plus game, now I am consistently playing in the mid 80’s!! I found a wild passion for the game and I honestly believe you had a lot to do with it…….Thanks! Jake

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I first met Mark Reid back in 2000 at Bradenton/Sarasota, Florida as a 6 handicap straight out of high school. After a year of completely rebuilding my swing, short game, and putting stroke with him at the David Leadbetter Golf Academy, my confidence soared and my handicap dropped to a 2 handicap.
His sharp eye for the fundamentals is unmatched real-time, I can never slack off or waver from the proper fundamentals; he’ll call me out and catch me every time.
Whether you are trying to hit high draws with your driver, improve your G.I.R’s, hit awesome shots out of the rough/bunker, mastery of the short game or are looking for long-term results in lowering your handicap, I would highly recommend Mark Reid to bring out your full potential.
Marc T

In October 2008 I started working on my golf game with Mark Reid. As a proficient golfer for 25 years, division 1 college player, I have sought golf instruction from many golf professionals and I have almost always been disappointed with the poor understanding of golf technique and / or ineffective communication. I was immediately impressed with Mark’s ability to pinpoint the flaws with my technique and hone in on the solution. Mark clearly communicates the necessary remedies while demonstrating uncommon patience. Mark is also intent on exacting the long term solution rather than a short term “band-aid” fix, and displays a sincere interest in his students’ progress. After just six months, my technique and scores have shown marked improvement thanks to Mark Reid’s golf instruction. I am certain any golfer seeking golf instruction from Mark will be thoroughly satisfied with the improvements in their golf game. Adam

“I have taken lessons from some terrific teachers over the years. When looking for a swing coach for my son, I did not take my decision lightly. I heard about Mark and his work with serious junior players and hired him. In just two sessions, Mark has been able to make significant improvements to all facets of my son’s game. Mark is very detailed and ensures that every aspect of the player’s fundamentals are sound before working on any changes in the swing itself. Since working with Mark, my son is currently ranked 3rd in CIF with a 9 hole stroke average of 36.47 and improving. I highly recommend Mark Reid if you want to improve your golf game.”  Bill